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Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s answer to a question from the Moscow. Kremlin. Putin TV programme, November 12, 2023

12 November, 2023

Question: A heated discussion broke out in Kazakhstan following the publication of an article in Western media covering the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron where Kazakhstan was referred to as “Putin's backyard.” Obviously, this caused a strong reaction. What does such wording in a reputable media tell us about the Western world’s attitude towards Kazakhstan?

Sergey Lavrov: This isn’t just about the media. The leaders of the Western world, who were elected by the people (presidents, prime ministers, chancellors) for the given historical period, also feel it is all right to make such disrespectful statements. During his visit to Kazakhstan, French President Emmanuel Macron publicly said that he was glad this country would never be anyone's vassal. This is also quite arrogant from the diplomatic point of view.

The European Union does not conceal its intentions to contain Russia in every possible way, to push us out of Central Asia and the South Caucasus. They will not succeed. We have had a presence in those regions historically and we will not go anywhere. Our partners and allies know this very well.